Prescription Monitoring Program

    Data submission requirements have changed

    New requirements became effective October 1, 2016 and were implemented on the system July 1, 2017.

    New Reporting Requirements:

    • Dispensing records must be submitted within one business day
    • Zero reporting is required
    • Species code is required
    • Partial fill indicator is required
    • NPI and phone numbers for both the prescriber and dispenser are required

    A value must be reported in the NPI field for the record to be accepted.  In the case of prescribers not having an NPI, including veterinary prescribers.  Review the Dispenser’s Implementation Guide or contact the helpdesk for the reporting standard.

    The Prescription Monitoring Program (Prescription Review) is a patient safety tool. Prescribers have access to this information to evaluate for duplicate prescribing, misuse, drug interactions, and other potential concerns prior to prescribing.

    Prescription Review is accessed through Secure Access Washington (SAW)

    * Providers looking to set up a PMP account please start here: Practitioner / Pharmacist Registration

    Helpful Resources for Account Registration and Linking:

    For more information, browse this website or contact the PMP staff.


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