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The integration of Prescription Review with SecureAccess Washington (SAW) will not affect uploader accounts or the way that uploaders access the system for reporting.


WA Pharmacy/Prescriber Data Uploader

Prescription Monitoring Program Data submission requirements changed October 1, 2016.


  • Dispensing records must be submitted within one business day. 
  • Zero reporting is required
  • NPI and phone numbers for both the prescriber and dispenser are required (when available).


Starting January 1, 2017 we’ll begin forwarding information on Non-Compliant pharmacies to the pharmacy investigations unit to follow up with discipline as applicable.


Reporting requirements for veterinarian dispensers are not affected by these changes.  See WAC 246-470-035 for veterinarian dispenser data submission requirements.

We are currently working with pharmacies to ensure a smooth transition in meeting these new requirements.  If you have questions or if issues arise, contact our vendor helpdesk at 877-719-3121 or contact the PMP program at prescriptionmonitoring@doh.wa.gov we’ll be glad to assist.  


Pharmacies and Prescribers (excluding Veterinarian) are required to report the dispensing of controlled substances (Schedule II-V) and drugs identified by the board of pharmacy under WAC 246-470-020, dispensed for more than a one day supply.    Full requirements can be found by reviewing the Pharmacy/Prescriber Dispenser’s Implementation Guide.

If your pharmacy doesn't dispense controlled substances to Washington State residents you can certify this by completing the Certification of No Dispensing of Controlled Substances form online.  If the department approves your certification, your pharmacy will not have to file zero reports for compliance purposes. You'll 


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